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Researchers Find a Promising Treatment for Video Game Addiction

It's about rewiring the gamer's relationship to video games, not abstinence.
Matthew Gault

Esports Pros Explain the Gear You Need for Marathon Gaming Sessions

Gaming—or working in an office—can be harder on your body than you'd expect. Professional gamers told us how they stave off injury.
Eric Van Allen

Scientists Find the Part of the Brain That Remembers Pokémon

If you can still nail a round of Who's That Pokémon? after all these years, you have this brain fold to thank.
Becky Ferreira

Xbox Has New Guidelines on How to Talk Trash Without Getting Banned

Microsoft's new community standards say Xbox gamers should trash talk by saying, "That was some serious potato aim. Get wrecked."
Nicole Carpenter
Video Games

‘One Finger Death Punch 2’ Is a Two-Button Power Fantasy

Silver Dollar Games' deceptively simple brawler packs a lot of complexity and fun into minimal input.
Matthew Gault
this is fine

A Huge Pikachu Phone Case Was My Unexpected Solution to Professional Dread

Pikachu turned a depressing professional and social crutch into a joy—a small (and, okay, mostly useless) act of defiance.
Clio Chang
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Nintendo Updates the Switch With a Critical Feature for Visually Impaired Gamers

Every major console now comes with the ability to zoom in, a critical feature for many users.
Matthew Gault
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'Animal Crossing' Reminds Me to Look After Myself—Not Just My Avatar

Some of my goals are made simpler when I don’t think of myself as a human body, but as a player in a game.
Larissa Pham
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Facebook and YouTube Clamped Down on a Game About Selling Weed

The makers of 'Weedcraft Inc.,' a game about selling weed in the age of legalization, couldn't buy ads on Facebook, and YouTube videos featuring the game were demonetized.
Matthew Gault

New Documentary ‘Playing Hard’ Shows That Making Games Can Be Hell

The film, now on Netflix, misses the mark by focusing on Ubisoft higher-ups during the development of 'For Honor,' rather than rank-and-file workers.
Matthew Gault
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The EU Is Pissed at Steam for Region-Locking Games

The European Commission is mad at Valve, Capcom, ZeniMax, and other publishers for region-locking activation keys and allegedly preventing cross-border sales.
Matthew Gault
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Watch a YouTuber Block Flames With a DIY ‘Sekiro’ Umbrella Shield

Colin Furze blocks fireworks and flames with a DIY flip-out umbrella from From Software's new title 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.'
Matthew Gault