Inside Tokyo's Long Love Affair with 'Dance Dance Revolution'

In this VICE Gaming documentary, host Nick Norton examines Tokyo's loyal 'DDR' scene, meeting key members of its fan base, the creators behind the game, and its new generation of players.
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Reexamining ‘Silent Hill 3,’ Gaming’s Most Unfairly Overlooked Sequel

Okay, it inspired one god-awful film, and that's unforgivable. But 'Silent Hill 3' remains a great video game, and here's why.
Jake Laverde

How 'Dance Dance Revolution' Helped Me Recover After a Gigantic Boulder Fell on Me

Back in 2000 I was the 'DDR' king of my local arcade. And then a gigantic rock almost crushed me to death.
Luke McKinney
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Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima Has Left Konami to Launch an Independent Studio

Hideo Kojima's next project will be a PlayStation exclusive, dealing another blow to Xbox's chances of catching Sony's console.
Mike Diver
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Plans for the Next Metal Gear Solid Game Are Underway Without Auteur Hideo Kojima

Where is the franchise going to go after the success of "The Phantom Pain"?
Mike Diver
Leigh Alexander’s Understanding Games

The Final Word on ‘The Phantom Pain,’ a Video Game About Video Games

It's one of 2015's greatest commercial and critical hits. Leigh Alexander unpicks what makes 'Metal Gear Solid V' work, and where it goes wrong.
Leigh Alexander
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'Back to the Future' Was Cool, but 1985 Was an Amazing Year for Video Games

The beginning of the console wars, the release of the original "Super Mario Bros.," home computing changing forever with the Amiga. 1985 was big.
Mike Diver
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Where In the World Is Hideo Kojima?

Is he on vacation? Has he left? Is he ever coming back? Someone, please, let us know, because this nonsense is so freaking tiring.
Mike Diver
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How 'Pro Evo' Has Become the La Liga of Soccer Games

Konami's series is akin to the Spanish League compared to FIFA's very English style of play.
John Robertson
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What's the Greatest Soccer Video Game of All Time?

"Pro Evolution Soccer 2016" is out now and is, by all accounts, amazing. But no football game is better than "Sensible Soccer," surely?
Chris Schilling and Mike Diver
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Remembering the Mutant League Games and Their Bizarro Sports Sim Brethren

Although these games could not simulate sports as well as modern-day Madden, they boiled athletics down to their primal, ludic elements—allowing you to kill referees during a pileup or play as a demon.
Oliver Lee Bateman
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A Song of Metal Gear Solid: Photographing ‘The Phantom Pain’

Framing the scenes that make Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear goodbye so memorable.
Steve Haske