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'Link’s Awakening' Is an Excellent Update of a 90s Video Game, Warts ‘n All

A new coat of paint and a lovely story, but it's also worth remembering this was designed in the early 90s for the Game Boy.


Play ‘Overwatch’ on the Nintendo Switch Starting Next Month

Activision Blizzard’s popular online shooter will hit the Nintendo Switch on October 15.


A First-Person Adventure Is One of the Coolest Mario Maker Levels Yet

They somehow pulled this off using tools meant for a platformer. It must be seen to be believed.


Clever ‘Mario Maker’ Fan Adds Desperately Missed Feature: World Maps

It requires jumping through a few hoops, but it's worth it.


20-Second Gauntlets of Death Are the Hottest Trend in 'Mario Maker'

The best part is, you don't have to be an expert to beat them!


Internal Nintendo Memo Instructs Customer Service to Fix ‘Joy-Con Drift’ for Free

The company will repair devices free of charge, even outside of the warranty period.


Nintendo Deleted a Very Popular ‘Mario Maker 2' Stage Without Explanation

This happened all the time with the original 'Mario Maker,' but the hope was Nintendo might have learned some lessons.


Nintendo Sues Californian for Selling Modded NES Classic and Switch Hacks

This week Nintendo filed a lawsuit against Mikel Euskaldunak, who allegedly offered tools to help people run pirated games on their Nintendo Switch, as well as sold NES Classic consoles preloaded with more games.


CYBER Podcast: Inside the Messy World of Nintendo Switch Hacking

Learn how games like 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' get pirated.


How Pirated Versions of ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Leaked Weeks Before Release

“As far as Switch games go this is the biggest ever,” one Switch piracy community member said.