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2 days ago

A Few Hours in, Disco Elysium Has Interesting Politics but a Frustrating Voice

The game's structure has a lot of potential, but its setting and tone can be off-putting if used carelessly.


With 'Shadowkeep,' Bungie Is Catering to Destiny's Most Hardcore Fans

Sometimes small and sustainable is what you want.


'Ghost Recon: Breakpoint' Puts You On Both Sides of Grotesque U.S. Military Might

Is the immense power of the US Military to commit violence a good thing or a bad thing? Who could say?


The Newest ‘The Last of Us Part II’ Trailer Is Ambiguous in the Worst Way

It might be time to re-think your marketing strategy when it teases a played out trope.


'Ring Fit Adventure' Looks Goofy As Hell And We Can't Wait To Play It

Shake Weight style movements and a JRPG, what more could you want?


The 'Kingdom Hearts III' DLC Trailer Is Here And We. Have. Questions.

Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in.


The NFL Is Terrible And We Keep Watching It

From Helmetgate to Jay-Z.


We Talk About This Week's Allegations on Today's Waypoint Radio

We also talk 'Control', 'Knights and Bikes', and 'Creature in the Well'.


A Game's Community Is Just as Important as What's on the Screen

Game developers can lean on online communities like never before, allowing for new design choices based around shared information.


The Sega Genesis Mini Faithfully Recreates the Experience of Not Having a SNES

Nostalgia plays inevitably fall victim to bad memories as well.


After It Doxxed 2000 Journalists, Why Should We Ever Trust the ESA Again?

In a world where personal data can be used as a weapon by harassers and hackers, the risk of attending E3 has gone way up.


'The Outer Worlds' and Having Politics vs. Just Referencing Politics

This is especially problematic when you're trying to analyze a game at a limited preview event put on by the game's publisher!