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4 days ago

The One New Album to Care About This Week: Caroline Polachek’s ‘Pang’

In the first of our Weekly Review series, we survey the ex-Chairlift singer's alt-pop vision. Get ready to cry on the dance floor (or at home).


A Suitably Witchy Tarot Reading with Pop Star Kim Petras

The first card the pop musician drew was 'Death'. Panic ensued.


We Regret to Inform You That the New Taylor Swift Song Is Really Good

"The Archer" might be the coolest she's ever sounded.


The Guide to Getting Into Madonna, Holy Mother of Modern Pop

She's a true original with a decades-deep catalog, so ahead of the release of 'Madame X,' here's a streamlined guide to her restlessly creative and game-changing career.


Céline Dion Is Our Patron Saint of Being Weird as Hell and Loving Yourself Anyway

Céline is so much more than just the Titanic Song Lady. She's a freak like us.


Kelsey Lu Had to Manifest Hopeful Pop from Pain

We met the alt-pop cellist and singer in London, hearing about the multi-city, tumultuous journey behind her stunning debut album 'Blood.'


Tallsaint's Pop Takes Tiny Intimacies and Makes Them Huge

Here's everything you need to know about the Leeds artist, alongside her new video “Hard Love.”


ALASKALASKA Announce Their Debut Album with PMS Bop "Moon"

The five-piece's 'The Dots' is out in May, and you can watch their colourful video for absolutely off-piste jam "Moon" now.


Emily Burns Understands That Relationships Are Weird As Hell

And her bright new pop track “Too Cool” is sort of about exactly that.


We Spoke to Brosettes About the Bros Documentary

Super-fans reveal their frustrations and revelations from the documentary ‘Bros: After the Screaming Stops'.


I Was in Cleopatra, One of the UK’s First Black 90s Girl Groups

It's been 20 years since the three Mancunian sisters gave black girls pop role models. Cleo Higgins looks back on her experience of fame at a young age.


L Devine Is Patiently Working to Be the UK's Next Big Pop Star

The 21-year-old's experience in the industry so far tells an interesting story about how breaking British pop acts even works.