Video Games


My Partner's Twitch Stream Transformed Our Sex Life

Talking about sex with an audience of strangers became a new kind of foreplay.


Walmart Removes Violent Video Game Signage, Still Sells Guns

The retailer is asking employees to take down signage and playable demos for violent video games, as well as hunting videos, in the wake of shootings at two of its stores.


A 23-Year-Old Pakistani Has Just Been Crowned Best ‘Tekken 7’ Player In The World

Arslan “Arslan Ash” Saddique was relatively unknown in the competitive circuit a year ago. Today, he’s the world’s best ‘Tekken 7’ player.


2 Young Men Get Struck by Lightning While Playing ‘Mobile Legends’

They were outside because they wanted better cellular reception.


The Creator of “Mario Royale” Wants You to Play His Game Before It Gets Banned

It's weird, it's buggy, it's fun as hell. And it probably won't be around for long.


Scientists Find the Part of the Brain That Remembers Pokémon

If you can still nail a round of Who's That Pokémon? after all these years, you have this brain fold to thank.


The World's Best 'FIFA' Player Was Crowned at the ePremier League Final

Sitting next to his mum, we watched 17-year-old F2Tekkz take the title.


Watch a YouTuber Block Flames With a DIY ‘Sekiro’ Umbrella Shield

Colin Furze blocks fireworks and flames with a DIY flip-out umbrella from From Software's new title 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.'


Meet the Guy Who Made a Video Game About Pingers, Lads and Nike TNs

In "Big City Earnerz" you run from the cops, spray graffiti, rock Nautica polos, and get to generally enjoy the best of Melbourne.


Disney Has a Horrifying New Method to Create Video Game Teeth

Creating perfect digital teeth requires something akin to a medieval torture device, apparently.


What It's Like to Fall in Love Inside a Video Game

Though usually a forum for competitive bloodbaths, some have actually found romance in the digital realm of video games.